Rebecca Courtney

Profile Information

  • Studio:   Own Studio
  • Vocal Age Range:   Twenties, Thirties, and Forties
  • Genre:   Character, Gaming, and Commercial
  • Style:   Reassuring, Rich, Smiley, Smooth, Soft, Warm, and Young
  • Accent:   Northern
  • Language:   English
  • Gender:   Female


An award winning voiceover with her own studio, Rebecca is a very versatile artist best known for providing the female puppet voices on the hit CBeebies show Buzz and Tell. Rebecca has extensive experience in a wide range of voiceover work including Commercials, Radio, Animations, Audio Books, Corporate, Narration, e-learning and ADR.

Her clients have included: the BBC;  Channel 4, Sky; BandSport;  Spotify; Teletubbies, Audible; authors including Jilly Cooper and Big Brothers Annabelle Knight; The Home Office; The Imperial War Museum; The NHS; Morgan Stanley; Argos; NISA Supermarkets; The Coop; The British Heart Foundation…

Rebecca has an engaging, warm clear and professional voice for straight reads; a refreshing, bright, friendly, relatable and engaging voice for commercials.

She can also provide a wide repertoire of character voices, young and old, together with an excellent range of accents for animations, cartoons, radio and audiobooks. Rebecca’s natural accent is neutral with slight touch of northern.

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