Margaret Ashley

Profile Information

  • Studio:   Own Studio
  • Vocal Age Range:   Forties, Fifties, and Sixties
  • Genre:   Character, Gaming, and Commercial
  • Style:   Articulate, Assured, Authoritative, Chatty, Cultured, Gentle, Gravelly, Mature, Trustworthy, and Warm
  • Accent:   Geordie, Northern, and Received Pronunciation
  • Language:   English
  • Gender:   Female




Margaret is a native Geordie, and can easily revert to her native accent as required. Now with a beautifully natural RP voice after classical drama school training Margaret can produce a range of accents.

Margaret is a 3 times OneVoice Award Nominee, in the category Best Female in Animation and Games, Television Documentary Narration and Radio Dramatic Performance, Margaret is an all round performer, having appeared in Coronation Street, The Bill, London’s Burning and many other Television and Theater productions. Margaret started her voice over career in the North East voicing commercials for Metro Radio ranging from Northern Rock, the Co-Op milkman right through to imitating Margaret Thatcher.

More recent voice work includes Dr Who audio drama, Audible audio-books, Property TV promos and adverts, Radio commercials, Animation and Games playing characters as varied as a 1950’s American Movie stars to Vampires and Fairy God Mothers.

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