Kieran Phoenix Chantrey

Profile Information

  • Studio:   Own Studio
  • Vocal Age Range:   Teen, Twenties, and Thirties
  • Genre:   Character, Corporate, E Learning, Gaming, IVR, Commercial, and Meditation
  • Style:   Assured, Bold, Bright, Calm, Chatty, Clear, Confident, Cool, Energetic, Friendly, Smiley, Upbeat, Urban, and Young
  • Accent:   Estuary
  • Language:   English
  • Gender:   Male




With his natural smiley, conversational and high energy enthusiasm, Kieran does a great job in bringing scripts to life. The fact he can manipulate his voice to sound like he is from anywhere in the world, is frankly very impressive. So much so, clients keep returning and benefiting from using his voice for their projects.

As a young child my father would read stories to me as I went to sleep. He would put on voices for each character and I was amazed. I would then go to school working on my own voices, and mimicking teachers. Becoming the class clown and the teachers nightmare student. Sadly this followed me into my working life when employed for a number of companies. Bosses and fellow staff were victims to my impressions and character voices.

In 2008, I decided to quit and dive in 100% and build a career out of voice overs. I always entertained and luckily had been given the very kind words by a number of people who said I had a great natural voice.

Almost 10 years later, I’m still working full time as a voice actor, for all kinds of projects. I offer a great range of versatility in vocal delivery, accents and project types.

Through my career so far, I’ve worked with thousands of clients from all around the world. In fact I’ve travelled and recorded all around the world. Building studios in London, Bali and Austria.

Clients I’ve worked with include: Disney, BBC, MTV, KPMG, Apple, Barclays, EE, NHS, Tesco, Spotify, Vtech, Odeon, RBS, Sonos, TicTac, BMW, Amazon plus many more

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