Diane Brooks

Profile Information

  • Studio:   Own Studio
  • Vocal Age Range:   Thirties, Forties, and Fifties
  • Genre:   Corporate and Commercial
  • Style:   Assured, Calm, Confident, Friendly, Reassuring, Smiley, and Warm
  • Accent:   Scottish
  • Language:   English
  • Gender:   Female


I am a Scottish voice over artist based in Glasgow. I have a light central Scottish accent, which is considered to be fairly neutral with a versatile delivery style capable of performing a variety of age groups. I trained with Bauer Media some 9 years ago and this gave me the opportunity to work initially in commercial radio which has led to a more extensive range of work over those years including radio commercials, a large range of corporate voice overs for numerous types of businesses and organisations – from the BBC to banks to public sector and beyond.

From commercials requiring a friendly relaxed and engaging voice to a more serious corporate work requiring a sincere and assured voice I can provide the range and tone that’s required for any projects.

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